Traveling to San Miguel de Allende

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Traveling to San Miguel de Allende

The charming and architecturally historic town of San Miguel de Allende, about 170-miles from Mexico City, captures the true essence of “traditional” Mexico with colorful colonial buildings, a bustling art and culinary scene, lively music and endless festivals. Getting to San Miguel de Allende may not be as easy as some world-class destinations, but you will surely find it’s worth the time and effort.

The well-preserved history of this delightful city is part of what makes getting to San Miguel de Allende worthwhile. A small colonial town founded as “San Miguel” in the early 1500’s by a Franciscan Monk named San Miguel El Grande, San Miguel de Allende later became the initial battle ground for the War of Mexican Independence from Spain. It then became, San Miguel de Allende after Ignacio Allende, the hero of the fight for Mexico’s independence movement.

Options for Getting to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In the 1950s, a series of artist colonies were founded in San Miguel de Allende, including the now famous Instituto Allende and many families relocated here from the U.S. and Canada following WWII. Today, there is large and growing North American expat community that exists as well as visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the amazing weather, culture, arts, and food, as well as the very affordable and comfortable lifestyle offered to those who are lucky enough to call San Miguel de Allende their home or home away from home.

Ground Travel and Flights to SMA

Getting to San Miguel de Allende is easy once you have found the best flights into one of the airports near San Miguel from your departure location. You can fly into Mexico City, Leon or Queretaro and take ground transportation to San Miguel from there. San Miguel de Allende’s airport offers no direct flights from any major carrier but these outlying airports make it easy and offer great and affordable ground transportation.

The remoteness of San Miguel de Allende is in essence part of its charm. Your siesta in the middle of the afternoon will never be disturbed by the sound of a plane or a train. It is a true escape once you have arrived. Relax and enjoy your journey to San Miguel, Mexico – it’s worth every second getting there.