San Miguel de Allende Neighborhoods and Communities

san miguel de allende neighborhoods

Living in San Miguel de Allende: Neighborhoods and Communities

If you are searching for San Miguel de Allende real estate, one big question you are likely facing is, “What location is best for me?” San Miguel de Allende, located in the heart of Mexico, offers so many different communities and properties for sale and for rent.  In fact, the neighborhoods and communities of San Miguel de Allende are almost as numerous and diverse as the wonderful group of people who choose to call this city home.

At the San Miguel de Allende Real Estate Galeria, our goal is to provide real estate buyers with the information they need in selecting their perfect home, in the most suitable location in Mexico’s most enchanting town. We provide our clients with extensive knowledge and in-depth information on San Miguel’s neighborhoods and communities, making it easy to navigate your many options for owning a home or property in San Miguel de Allende

The Real Estate Communities of San Miguel & Guanajuato

Our Community Gallery is the best place to start your search for property in San Miguel. There, you will find detailed information on the many communities in San Miguel de Allende.  From Historic Centro San Miguel de Allende – the heart of the city, to Golf Course Communities – like Club de Golf Malanquin and Ventanas de San Miguel, and even equestrian neighborhoods and vineyard real estate communities, San Miguel de Allende really has something for every buyer’s lifestyle and budget.

Our team of San Miguel property advisors are here to help you navigate the many locations for owning real estate in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Please use the links and pages on our site to help you explore and educate yourself, as you start your property search.

Below is a list of communities and neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende, each with links to more information.

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Los Senderos

Capilla de Piedra

Ventanas de San Miguel

Artesena Rosewood Residences

La Santísima Trinidad

Centro San Miguel


Viñedo San Miguel

Vista Antigua

El Secreto

Los Balcones

Malanquin Club de Golf


Rancho Los Labradores