Retiring in San Miguel de Allende

reitring in san miguel de allende

Retiring in San Miguel de Allende

Nestled among central Mexico’s gently rolling highlands, zig-zagged with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, and peopled by well-traveled expats and cultured Mexicans, the city of San Miguel de Allende is one of the world’s most beloved places to call home. Retiring in San Miguel de Allende is a combination of invigorating and peaceful, of lifestyle and affordability, of safety and spring-like weather year-round. It’s no wonder this charming town is a favorite destination among those looking to retire abroad.

San Miguel is a city of superlatives. Bursting with the class and sophistication of Europe, the amenities of the New World, and the charm of Old World Mexico, it combines the best of colonial Mexico with a diverse foreign community of well-traveled residents, retirees and visitors, many of whom are increasingly investing in the San Miguel real estate market and subsequently retiring in San Miguel de Allende.

But San Miguel is about more than low cost of living; it’s a town that understands the value of fine living, of an unparalleled quality of life – a town that confidently competes with any other city in the world. And unsurprisingly, the accolades keep rolling in: In 2008, the historic center of San Miguel de Allende was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2013, Condé Nast Traveler magazine named San Miguel de Allende the best city in the world. Who knows what’s next?

Enjoying Your Retirement in San Miguel, Mexico

Once you visit this sophisticated city of about 80,000 people, nearly 10% of which are expats from the U.S. and Canada, you’ll see why San Miguel de Allende is consistently named among the world’s best places to travel, live and retire.

Retiring in San Miguel de Allende offers full immersion in history and beautiful architecture, a life of bougainvillea-lined streets, a bustling art scene, and an outstanding food and wine scene. The 50 square-block downtown of Centro San Miguel is full of delights, and the number and variety of first-class restaurants and unique shops per block is unmatched anywhere else in Mexico.

Indeed, living and retiring in San Miguel de Allende offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy life in a destination where art and culture run abundantly throughout the streets and squares. In this picturesque town, you’ll discover a way of life found in few other places in the world. And the natural surroundings, tranquility, safety, cultural activities and many options for owning real estate in San Miguel de Allende help make this retirement haven the best place to live the life of your dreams.

Finding the Perfect Retirement Property

Retirees have many options for owning property in San Miguel, and hundreds of reasons to consider retiring in San Miguel de Allende. From enchanting streets and unforgettable architecture to a unique culture, perfect weather and friendly people, a growing number of foreigners and nationals are quickly turning into permanent residents of San Miguel de Allende.

So whether you’re looking for a luxury home in Centro San Miguel, a quaint townhouse along cobblestone streets, or a secluded retreat in a gated community, San Miguel de Allende real estate undoubtedly has something to offer. What’s more, living in San Miguel de Allende, you’ll not just live, but you’ll discover what it means to live well.