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Mexico Named Best Place to Retire in 2017

Retire in Mexico 2017

Taking the top retirement destination in the world is Mexico, according to the 2017 Global Retirement Index recently released by With the Mexican peso being at an all time low, the country is now more affordable than it has been in years.

This annual ranking of the world’s top 24 retirement destinations is based on living costs, retiree benefits, climate, and healthcare services. It compares, contrasts, ranks, and rates good value havens all around the world.

This beautiful neighbor of the U.S. offers a diverse geography, from white-sand beaches to high-mountain colonial cities, so there is more choice of where to settle down. You will come across stunning beach towns, colorful Spanish-colonial cities, and small country villages. The climate ranges from moist, tropical heat to dry desert and everything in between.

Mexico really does offer a modest cost of living and a high quality of life,” says Glynna Prentice, International Living’s Mexico Editor. “A couple can live very comfortably on less than $2,000 a month, and you can understand how when healthcare costs run 25% to 50% less than those in the States, a housekeeper will clean for $5 an hour, a lunch special costs $7 for a full meal, and you can rent a two-bedroom condo a block off the beach in some communities for $575 a month.

Mexico has many reasons to be the perfect place for retirement. You will be welcomed by the locals as you stroll through the vibrant streets that are bright and full of color. Youll never be far from a band tuning up to provide the background ambiance. Mexican life is easy-going and relaxed.

The main goal of the Index is to help retirees find locations where they’ll get the most for their money in terms of real estate, cost of living, and overall quality of life.

The Index also assesses the quality of a country’s healthcare and infrastructure, the proficiency in English of the local population, and the size of existing expat communities, how healthy the lifestyle is, how easy it is to gain residence, and more.

Tulum Mexico-Retirement in Mexico 2017

There are 10 categories in order to rank the top retirement destination including: buying and renting property; benefits and discounts; visas and residence; cost of living; fitting in; entertainment and amenities; healthcare; healthy lifestyle; infrastructure; and climate.

When the scores in all 10 individual categories are added up, a total score is established for each country that yields the list of the overall best countries in the world for retirement. Mexico took the top spot for 2017.