Los Senderos


Los Senderos Real Estate

Buying and Owning Property in San Miguel De Allende

Los Senderos offers a unique San Miguel de Allende real estate development- focused on building a community of like-minded people who embrace a cultural, social and physically active lifestyle. Los Senderos offers a special combination of features not found in any other real estate community in San Miguel, Mexico.  Here you will find a place where elements of the natural environment combine with personal well-being and a sincere respect for nature and the planet.

The Los Senderos real estate community in San Miguel de Allende is rich in culture and wellness offering amenities that encourage a healthy and sustainable way of life.   Their spacious grounds provide a community that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit so you can live to the fullest while enjoying the finest San Miguel de Allende real estate.

The San Miguel de Allende Real Estate Offerings at Los Senderos

Throughout the property you will discover unique residences that feature the utmost care and concern for the environment. Owners of real estate at Los Senderos enjoy contemporary-style residences noted for their architectural integration with the surrounding landscape. All of the San Miguel de Allende real estate options at Los Senderos offer solar paneled power and are sustainable using local materials of stone, rammed earth, steel and glass.

In Phase One at Los Senderos, there are 3 residential zones: Piamonte, Montolea and Muritos. Each offers a unique lot location and floorplan choices with varying sizes designed by critically acclaimed architects. Los Senderos also allows you to submit your own building plans for approval.

As a resident of Los Senderos, you will enjoy many services, special privileges and on-site amenities, offering you some of the finest living in San Miguel.

Owners of San Miguel de Allende real estate at Los Senderos enjoy:

  • Grill & Garden – offers owners an opportunity to enjoy fresh food from the local gardens
  • Thermal Spa & Lagoon– offers owners a refreshing oasis to refresh and revive themselves
  • Equestrian Facility – home to a number of beautiful horses
  • Vineyards– boast lovely gardens with fresh vines blooming annually

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