Buying a Hotel in San Miguel de Allende

buying a hotel in San miguel de allende

Hotels for Sale in San Miguel de Allende

The term Boutique Hotels was coined in the 1980’s and is now synonymous with a luxurious and personal hotel and travel experience. It’s a fact that these “lifestyle hotels” are booming in destinations around the world, and hotels in San Miguel de Allende are no exception. For many travelers, these small luxurious hotels are the only way to see the world, and for many real estate buyers, a unique lifestyle and investment property can be found in owning a Boutique Hotel.

For those who fall in love with the city’s endless charm, owning a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel is a dream come true. Some are drawn by the simple pleasures that come with hospitality, meeting interesting people from around the world, and for others, it’s all about business, and owning a hotel business in San Miguel de Allende can be very rewarding and profitable.

Why Buy a Boutique Hotel in San Miguel

hotels for sale in san miguel de allende

Buying a boutique hotel for sale in San Miguel is much like any other new businesses; it’s more difficult than it might seem on the surface. But, with the right property (found through proper analysis and due diligence), level of passion, service and marketing you’ll have a great chance to live out your dream, and profit from your real estate purchase too.

The smaller overhead of a boutique hotel helps these hospitality properties realize larger profit margins than many bigger brands if various functions from marketing to service are done at a higher standard. That is where we come in. At the Real Estate Galeria in San Miguel de Allende, we are proud to have advisors on our team who specialize in hospitality and hotel properties. Our extensive boutique hotel experience is led by Lee Ann Gamble who has been in the hotel business for over 20-years, working with literally hundreds of small luxury boutique hotels around the Americas to lead them to success and profits.

Buying the Perfect Hotel Property

The good news for Boutique Hotels in places like San Miguel is that the internet has made marketing, booking, and managing many other business functions much easier and cost effective. You can now put your boutique hotel on a level playing field with some of the larger branded properties. And the opportunity to operate with your own unique guest service ideas, brand characteristics and guest experiences gives your hotel business the opportunity for great success…with a little help from your trusted consultants at the Real Estate Galeria in San Miguel de Allende.

Because of our experience in hospitality and the Boutique Hotel industry the Advisors at the Real Estate Galeria are uniquely qualified to help find the right property that fits your budget and desired lifestyle as well as help you on the road to success as a Hotelier.

Please contact Mark Peterson for a free consultation and information on hotel properties in San Miguel de Allende. You can reach Mark at [email protected] or from the U.S. at 305-619-4561.