Living in San Miguel de Allende

living and owning real estate in san miguel de allende

Living in San Miguel de Allende

The captivating city of San Miguel de Allende, located in Mexico’s central highlands, is one of the world’s best places to call home. With a perfect climate, rich culture, breathtaking architecture and friendly people, this colonial town is turning countless one-time visitors into permanent residents. Indeed, the thought of living in San Miguel de Allende is one of undeniable allure.

Boasting an endless array of cultural experiences, festivals, historical wonders, and a delightful art and foodie scene, this vibrant town invites you to live a life that most only dream of. Planting roots and owning real estate in San Miguel de Allende affords you privileged access to one of Mexico’s most beautiful and safest towns with a picturesque historic district filled with art galleries, markets, roof-top bars, restaurants, boutiques, and artisan stores – all at your fingertips.

Combine the town’s cultural and historical appeal with its low cost of living, eternal spring climate (60º to 80º year round), strong community and low crime, and you’ll discover why San Miguel is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular destinations to live, retire or own a vacation home.

Information About Living in San Miguel de Allende

Located about 3 hours northwest of Mexico City and an hour from Leon, San Miguel de Allende is home to over 8,000 expats. Some choose to settle in the 50-square block historic district known as Centro, home to bougainvillea-lined cobblestone streets and architectural wonders, while others choose San Miguel de Allende property on the outskirts of town, which offers a sprinkling of beautiful villas, golf resorts, and luxury communities.

In fact, while San Miguel de Allende real estate owners once flocked to the colonial homes and villas in Centro, an increasing number of expatriates, second homeowners, and retirees today are finding homes in the nearby communities just beyond the historic city center, near Centro but removed from the hustle and bustle of town. From charming villas to beautiful luxury homes, there are countless options for – and incredible deals on – living in San Miguel de Allende and experiencing the life of your dreams.

Indeed, San Miguel’s expat culture has encouraged a large (and growing) number amenities and activities, not to mention a stunning selection of restored historic properties and luxurious gated communities. Today, the town offers a variety of choices for those searching for the perfect property for living or retiring in San Miguel. One visit to this enchanting town and it’s easy to see why nearly 18% of those living in San Miguel de Allende are expatriates and retirees.

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